Pickle's Custom Golf
Gary Pickle - Teaching Professional - Custom Club Maker

New Location

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Previously located in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area, Pickle’s Custom Golf brings the artistry and craftsmanship of custom fit golf clubs and instruction within reach of any golfing enthusiast, including golfers with disabilities or special needs.

As a proud member of the Professional Clubmakers Society, the Golf Clubmakers Association and a Tom Wishon Golf Technology fitter/clubmaker, Pickle’s Custom Golf creates golf clubs and accessories that adhere to standards second to none.

Custom clubs from Pickle’s Custom Golf are designed to be an extension of your playing style.  A part of you as well as your game, with unparalleled attention to the details that discriminating golfers expect.

We know how to make your clubs better, which makes you a better golfer. Employing swing-weighting, MOI matching, shaft profiling and making precise adjustments to the loft/lie of your irons but also to the loft/lie and face angle of your hybrids, fairway woods and yes the ‘Big Stick’.

But best of all, we know how to help you make the game more of what you want it to be:  More fun recreationally or sharpen your competitive edge.  We bring artisanship to every part of the game, not just to clubs. Pickle’s Custom Golf provides the mental training and technical instruction to improve the little things that make a big difference in your game.

Our instructional pedigree includes expert instruction for able bodied golfers and golf enthusiasts with special needs.  We follow the proven and tested methods of Ernest Jones, Angel de la Torre and Manuel de La Torre.

Always looking for an opportunity to give back to the community, Pickle’s Custom Golf has a special relationship with local veteran and children’s hospitals. Working closely with The Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation, The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, and RISE Adaptive Sports, Pickle’s Custom Golf provides adaptive golf instruction, and specially modified golfing equipment and playing aids for golfers with disabilities.