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Gary Pickle

Teaching Professional / Custom Clubmaker
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Golf Club Repairs
If it can be done to a golf club....we can pretty much do it!  Contact for evaluation.

   Service all off the shelf equipment:
       Titleist, Callaway, Cleveland, Mizuno, Ping, Taylormade, etc.


   Swing Speed Matching
   MOI Matching
   Frequency Matching, FCM Rifle Shafts, FCM Flighted Rifle Shafts
   Ball Fitting
   Loft & Lie Adjustments - Irons, Putters and Hybrids (if bendable)
   Adjust Shaft Length - Extend or Shorten
   Club Profiling / Set Measurement 
   Set Makeup Evaluation
   Asymetrical Shaft Alignment
   Custom Golf Club Grinding - Sole, Bounce, Top Line
   Remove Rattles From Shafts / Heads
   Refinish Metal Woods and Putters
   Adaptive Golf Club Adjustments - Club Adjustments for Individuals with Disabilities
   Custom Golf Club Fitting
   Custom Golf Clubmaking
   Game Improvement Modifications and Retrofits
   Replacement Hosel Adapters and Ferrules - Install Adjustable Loft/Lie Adapters on a Different Shaft