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Chair Putter - Ambidextrous



Regardless of the length, all ambidextrous putters are designed with the same “user friendly” features.

The round split grip allows left or right hand use and in many cases the round grip is more accommodating to golfers with hand/arm anomalies and strength issues.

The adjustable lie angle allows the putter to be quickly adjusted and then tightened into place to accommodate the playing height of any golfer, whether standing or seated. Simply use the allen wrench provided (9/64”) to loosen the hex head bolt that attaches the shaft to the club head so that the club head sits flush on the ground when in the address position. Then securely tighten the hex head bolt so that the club head remains in the proper playing position. The allen wrench can be stored in the golf bag or simply placed in the hole at the butt end of the grip for easy access and quick lie changes between several players if needed.

The shaft is made from graphite and the ferrule from aluminum instead of steel for purposes of reducing the overall weight of the club while still maintaining a sense of feel in the club.

The 43” model is suitable for players in a chair or for use as a belly putter if the player is ambulatory and finds that supporting the butt end of the putter with one hand against their midsection provides more stability.

Putter lengths of 36” and 32” or any specified custom length, accommodates the standing putting style with an overall length that is more appropriate for the age/height of the golfer. Again, the round split grip is a great stabilizing factor for many young golfers.


Item # 101, Ambidextrous Putter

Price $135.00 + Free Shipping to Lower 48.


Fitting Club - Ambidextrous




The junior and adult ambidextrous fitting clubs are designed to detect the proper length and lie angle of the 7 iron for a golfer. They are intended to give a quick, at a glance, determination of a fit without having to carry around a sample club of each length/lie angle. Once the 7 iron length is known, then a set of clubs of the appropriate length can be identified. The fitting club is not designed for hitting balls.

The adult ambidextrous 7 iron fitting club is designed to detect lengths of:
     36” - green
     37” - black
     38” - yellow
     39” - blue
The lengths are coordinated to the color codes on the extendable shaft. The grip size is men’s standard.

The junior ambidextrous 7 iron fitting club is designed to detect lengths of:
     29” – blue
     32” – yellow
     34” – green
     37” – black
The lengths are coordinated to the colors on the extendable shaft. For the juniors, the color codes equate to the La Jolla golf junior clubs/sets of the same color and are available at most retail sporting goods stores. The grip size is ladies standard.


NOTE:  The fitting clubs can be custom built and "calibrated" to any specifications, i.e., La Jolla, US Kids, Nike, etc.

The lie angle for both the adult and junior fitting clubs is determined by aligning the “blackened” area on the protractor, which represents a lie angle of 62° – 64° with the “white” mark on the hosel. The lie angle for “most” off the shelf 7 irons will fall somewhere in this range. If the lie angle is either side of this traditional 62°– 64°, the clubs should be adjusted by a clubmaker or club repairperson for the best fit. There is no “standard” length or lie angle in the golf industry. That is why the word traditional is emphasized. “Standard” in the golf industry is a myth, even within most brands.


Item # 110, Ambidextrous Fitting Club

Price:  $175.00 + Free Shipping to Lower 48.


I have a technique for bending La Jolla junior golf clubs for the more severe fitting situations. Off the shelf clubs can be "retro fit" with the adjustable hosel insert pictured below.


Steel Shaft / Graphite Shaft, Irons, Woods, Hybrids adjusted to a "flat lie".




Hybrid Irons and Fairway Woods Are Easier to Hit


Just as able-bodied golfers are experiencing the benefits of using hybrid irons (in place of the traditional cavity back design) and additional fairway woods for more distance and accuracy, so too can golfers with disabilities. Hybrid irons from the 2 iron through the pitching wedge are available. Using a steel shaft these hybrid irons can be adjusted to a “flatter lie”, if needed, to accommodate play from a chair or single rider golf cart.


Also available are light weight graphite shafts with a more traditional lie angle.  These graphite shafted hybrid irons and fairway woods are also a good fit for the recreational golfer, standing or playing from a single rider cart, where the single rider cart allows play from an "almost" standing position.


Traditional style wedges with a modified shaft, smooth the transition from the hybrid pitching wedge to the “around the green” wedges, e.g., pitching wedge, 52°, 56°, 60°.  The modified shaft is simply a short shaft that the golfer uses "one-handed" while swinging over the side of the chair.  The "short shaft - one handed" swing provides the "touch and feel" required for those delicate "around the green" shots.



 Short Shaft Hybrid Pitching Wedge                Short Shaft Traditional Cavity Back




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