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Gary Pickle

Teaching Professional / Custom Clubmaker
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Pardon the Interruption

While we Move Our Location From Texas to Arkansas

All Internet Orders will Ship APPROXIMATELY mid November. 

Play Better Golf 


Professionally Fit, Custom Built Golf Clubs and Lessons

Professional golf club fitting is based on the golfers’ size, strength, athletic ability and golf skills.
No two golfers have identical combinations of these characteristics.
Yet, an entire industry of “off the shelf clubs” has been built on the notion that “one size fits everyone”.
Being professionally measured and buying golf clubs that are professionally fit and custom built
doesn’t cost any more than buying a “good” set of “one size fits all” golf clubs. 
Membership in the Professional Clubmaker Society and Golf Clubmaker Association requires that the highest
standards of academic proficiency, applied technology and excellence in craftsmanship have been met.
If you own “off the rack” golf clubs or well intended “hand me downs”, you are probably not as well equipped to play to your potential as you could be. So, get fit and Play Better Golf! 
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Pickle's Custom Golf

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205 Cliffdale Drive 

Euless, Texas  76040