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Gary Pickle

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 Custom Built Display Cases and Frames


The items displayed are for "illustrative" purposes only and are not for sale.

They are samples of what can be done to display your treasures.

Please contact to arrange details for custom size cases / frames and prices. 




 Autographed Club Display

 Built to size for any club.



                               Commemorative Golf Ball Displays                 Golf Flag Framed for Display 

                                                                                                                          Built to flag size.



Framed Shadow Boxs without Glass and Custom Built Picture Frames



Framed Shells in Shadow Box with Glass




Hole in One Displays

 Other formats available.  Can be wall mounted or free standing on a shelf.



Medallion Display

This sample is 3" x 5" x 1 1/4"




"Wedding Cake" Trophy Display

Walnut with natural finish.

Custom built to size.


Other Projects




                       Stone Work                                                                       Stone Work & New Cedar Fence



         Stone Work & Stone Bench                                                         Stone Work & Fence




Wood Work on Roof