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Gary Pickle

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Adaptive Playing Aids
Making the game of golf easier for individuals with disabilities, prosthetic devices, back, hip or knee injuries, amputations, strokes, muscle weakness, etc.

Stabilizer Glove





Use as an adaptive "grip aid" to keep the fingers on the club and the club secure in the hand or as a regular golf glove by folding the "strap" over the back of the hand.  Half cabretta, half synthetic.  Left or Right Hand.  Photo is of a left hand glove. All gloves white only.


Men: S, M, ML, L, XL.

Lady: S, M, L.

Junior:  ages 6-8, ages 9-11 and 12-14.  Please contact for ordering information.


Item # 236, Stabilizer Glove

Price: $20.00 + Free Shipping to Lower 48.








 No longer a stock item.  Click here for more info and where to buy.

Bionic Glove



Not an item carried at this time but far to relevant to ignore.  Developed by an orthopedic hand surgeon to "level" the hand and protect the "boney" parts of the fingers and hand.  Increases "grasp" of the golf club.  Available in men and ladies sizes.  Youth tennis.  Gardening and work gloves.


Click here for link to more info and where to buy. 



 Terris Golf Glove®




Designed by Physical Therapist / Certified Hand Therapist, Rita Terris, P.T., C.H.T., Terris Golf® gloves are the world's finest golf gloves designed to protect the golfer from injury.  All Terris Golf® golf gloves are designed to protect golfers of all ages from injury without restriction of motion of the digits or wrist during the golf swing. Terris Golf® gloves are effective in preventing the exacerbation of pre-existing conditions for the already injured athlete, as well as reducing the risk of development of additional problems, (Secondary Injuries).


Click here for link to more info and where to buy.


 Joe´s Original BACKTEE
Joe´s Original BACKTEE can be used on any standard club grip to insert the tee into the ground, place the ball on the tee, pick up the tee, pick up the ball, pick up the flag stick and hold cigars without requiring any bending or stooping. The BACKTEE eliminates the physical wear and tear on the lower back, hips, and knee joints plus the major muscle groups when practicing or playing golf.  Works best on artificial range mats with rubber tees.
Item # 201, BackTee
Price: $13.00 + Free Shipping to Lower 48.

Tee it UP / Pick it UP Stick



One end is designed to tee the ball and the other end is used to retrieve the ball.  Fits into golf bag.  Works best for golfers playing from a seated position using artificial range mats with rubber tees.
Item # 290, Tee it UP / Pick it UP
Price: $50.00 + Free Shipping to Lower 48.



The UPRIGHT TeeMat is particularly helpful to those golfers that play or practice from a seated position. The standard size for the TeeMat is 4" x 6" with 1 hole that allows you to insert any height of rubber tee.  It eliminates the need to bend down to insert the tee into the ground when teeing your ball.   The TeeMat is made from a very durable yet soft and forgiving rubber material.

UPRIGHT TeeMats are available in any size and with any number or combination of holes for rubber tees.  Please contact us for custom sizes.


Item # 213, UPRIGHT TeeMat

Price: $20.00 + Free Shipping to Lower 48. 


Gift Certificates are Available.

Specify Amount When Ordering.