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Gary Pickle

Teaching Professional / Custom Clubmaker
Contact Info / Maps
Professional Fitting
Custom Clubmaking
Club Repairs
Adaptive Instruction
Neuro Fitness
Online Store
Golf Resources
Jr Tournament Info
Custom Carpentry
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Tom Wishon Golf Technology, Custom Golf Clubmaking,
        Custom Golf Club Fitting and Repair Concept. 
Manuel de la Torre, Teaching Concept.  Adult and junior golf instruction.
FORE HOPE,  Resources and links.
NAGA  (National Amputee Golf Association), First Swing Instructor / Clubmaker.
EAGA  (Eastern Amputee Golf Association), Adaptive Instructor / Clubmaker.
SWAGA  (South West Amputee Golf Association) 
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children,  Junior Golf Program, Adaptive Golf Instructor / Clubmaker.   
The First Tee,  Locations in your area, Dallas, Ft Worth, Arlington.

VISION54,  Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott, Complete Game Coaches, Mental Game.


Mental Management Systems,  Affiliated Coach.


Golden Arrow Presentation, Inc.,  Mark Penaz, Level 4 National Coach.


City of San Antonio, Parks and Recreation Department,

        Therapeutic Recreation Program for Adults and Children.


Cheap Golf Balls,  A good source golf balls.


Amputee News.  Information and resources for amputees.

Advanced Orthopedic Massage.  Debbie Schwartz, LMT,